All characters have a number of slots where they can wear armor. They can equip one item in each of these slots: Boots, Gauntlets, Cloak, Helm and Body armor. Some characters can also equip a Shield, provided that they are not wielding a two-handed weapon.

Not all characters can use all types of armor - for example a Druid may only wear Robes as body armor and may not use a shield.

The enchantment on a piece of armor can greatly enhance the protection provided. For example, Sapphire Robes provide greater protection than Iron Plate Armor.

The table below lists all the armor types in order of protection.

Name AC Slot Base Price Classes Hex Code
Boots 1 Boots 40

Kn Pa Ar Cl So Ro Ni Ba Dr Ra

Cape 1 Cloak 200

Kn Pa Ar Cl So Ro Ni Ba Dr Ra

Cloak 1 Cloak 250

Kn Pa Ar Cl So Ro Ni Ba Dr Ra

Gauntlets 1 Gauntlets 100

Kn Pa Ar Cl So Ro Ni Ba Dr Ra

Helm 2 Helm 60

Kn Pa Ar Cl So Ro Ni Ba Dr Ra

Robes 2 Body 20

Kn Pa Ar Cl So Ro Ni Ba Dr Ra

Shield 4 Shield 100

Kn Pa .. Cl .. Ro .. Ba .. Ra

Scale Armor 4 Body 100

Kn Pa Ar Cl .. Ro Ni Ba .. Ra

Ring Mail 5 Body 200

Kn Pa Ar Cl .. Ro Ni .. .. Ra

Chain Mail 6 Body 400

Kn Pa Ar Cl .. Ro .. .. .. Ra

Splint Mail 7 Body 600

Kn Pa .. Cl .. .. .. .. .. Ra

Plate Mail 8 Body 1000

Kn Pa .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Plate Armor 10 Body 2000

Kn Pa .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..


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