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The scripting command NPC has the opcode (0x05).


  • Map text file string index (byte) - NPC Name
  • Map text file string index (byte) - Conversation text
  • Byte - NPC portrait number (FACExx.FAC)
  • Byte - Confirm
  • Line Number (byte) - Optional next line number


Displays the stanard NPC interaction window, as shown below. The NPC name and the conversation text are read from the map's text file, and the specified NPC portrait is loaded and animated as well. If the Confirm byte is 0, yes/no confirmation buttons are displayed. If the player selects "yes", execution is moved to the given line number, otherwise execution continues on the next line. If the Confirm byte is 1, the next line value is ignored, and execution continues on the next line always. Confirm byte of 2 seems to be a special case that requires more investiagtion.


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