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Welcome to the Xeen Wiki
The wiki aims to be the major source of information about the Xeen games. At the moment, it contains detailed information on the Might & Magic Xeen games: Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen, World of Xeen, and Swords of Xeen, as well as many of the internal workings of the game engines and data file formats.

370 articles since April 2008


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Engine Internals

What's new on the Xeen Wiki

Wednesday, October 10 2012
Community effort to make tools and editors XeenUtilities
Tuesday, September 22 2009
Might & Magic 1-6 can be purchased DRM-free from for $9.99!
Sunday, January 11 2009
Added details for all monsters.
Thursday, April 24 2008
The Xeen wiki is created on Wikia and the process of moving content over from the old wiki is started.

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